Renting is a Great Idea if...

  • You have a career that could involve relocation
  • You are not interested in learning about lawn chemistry
  • You w ould rather ski on snow than shovel it
  • You h ave ever gotten a blister trying to start a lawnmower
  • You aren't certain where you want to own
  • You may need to apply for a loan in the near future
  • You would rather shop in a sporting goods store than a hardware store

  • You do not aspire to ownership of a mower, trimmer or hedge clippers
  • You do not consider dandelions flowers
  • You don't want to miss work to meet the repairman
  • You would like to have money in the bank
  • You like free use of fitness center, pool, playground volleyball, etc...
  • You do not have time to shop for carpeting, drapes, vinyl tile, wallpaper
  • You like to look at the pretty trees and grass, not work on them
  • You never, ever, want to be on the business end of a toilet plunger!


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